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About Super Gifts



          Super Gifts was established in 2003. We are an Australia based company with a super mission to spread super fun and super surprises around Australia and New Zealand, through providing the most updated and popular cosplay costumes and cosplay accessories from around the world at best deals. Super!

Super Gifts Online


          After thousands of queries from our dear friends in anime conventions and shopping centres, Super Gifts is now online as Super Gifts Australia! We are dedicated to offering the best prices and deals to Australia and New Zealand fans, purchase from us online for a super experience! To buy from us online, simply add to cart and enjoy our super deals with no hidden costs.

          As a true local anime cosplay company, we ship from our warehouse based in Brisbane, Queensland, with a next day delivery and it will generally take 1-3 days to reach around Australia.

          Throughout the year, we exhibit our products around Australia in various anime conventions, so you may also see and feel our products, not just a picture on your flat screen at home. Being one of the leading traders in the anime conventions, we are experienced and are able to bring Australia and New Zealand the most updated and popular anime items from around the world. Also, from time to time, we setup a casual stall in different shopping centres, specifically for those of you that missed out on visiting us at the conventions.

          You can count on our experiences as we are a over 10 years company, we will only offer the super prices, the super quality, and the super range. Super!


Super Gifts History


          Super Gifts was found in 2003. Super Gifts started out as a small toy company dealing with small gadgets such as glow sticks, and bubble guns, and bringing new items that weren’t available in Australia. In 2005, Super Gifts expanded towards more exciting items, such as swords and weapons replicas, accessories from Japanese animes and cartoons, to movies and novelty collections, most notably being the toy replica hand-guns and machine-guns for the kids. In 2008, Super Gifts dedicated much more time in the anime line, seeing the needs for many cosplay fans, being over charged by shops from overseas or waiting weeks for a single product.

          Super Gifts provide Australia consumers the popular anime items along with your favourite anime series, also bringing you top quality and professional cosplay costumes at very affordable prices. Super Gifts have made extra efforts to make you stand out and keep up with the world wide trends, and by saying that, Super Gifts also provide other accessories, such as our custom made cosplay wigs, and weapons accessories, looking at every little details to make you look as close to the actual anime character as possible. So why wait? Whether you are a Super otaku cosplayer, a common anime fan, or just looking for a gift for someone else? Come to Super Gifts and you will find the thing you need! Super Gifts are innovating everyday! Super!


Come to Super Gifts!

You got questions?  We got answers!


Can’t find the item from your favourite anime or game?     

Expensive international postage and handling?

Your only option is to purchase online from overseas?     

Long wait for delivery?

Not sure if you will get what you see?


Urgent need for an upcoming party or a birthday present?

So…  Why buy from us?

          The pop culture of anime is originated from Japan, and obviously that is where you will find some of the most prestigious cosplay costumes and accessories. Other countries such as US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc, keep a very close eye on the worldwide trends, and therefore able to provide a large range of items. So why wait for the long shipping time and the expensive postage costs from overseas, when Super Gifts is right here for Australia and New Zealand Super fans.

          Our early days started out in the conventions and royal shows, however, it seems like many of you are still missing out, whether it is work, or family, or wrong timing.  That’s ok, Super Gifts is now “Online”, dedicated to be Australia’s No.1 Anime Cosplay Costume and Cosplay Accessories Shop.   In 2013, we have expanded our headquarters from Perth WA, to Brisbane QLD, simply to accommodate Australia.  Super!



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About the "Super" Team


We are a dynamic and diverse Super Team, always striving for the best to bring you the newest and most popular items that are related to the anime and cosplay pop culture. Super Gifts have professionals looking after you! Super!


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