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Conventions around Australia and New Zealand



Here is the lists of Super Gifts's participating conventions around Australia & New Zealand:

                                                                       Some of the best Bleach cosplayers


  • AvCon                              2 days Adelaide, AU
  • ANIMANIA FESTIVAL      1 or 2 days in Sydney, AU
  • Anime Island                    2 days in Tasmania,AU
  • ARMAGEDDON EXPO     2days in Melbourne, 2days in Sydney(Heroes & Villains Expo), AU,

                                              4days in Auckland, 2days in Hamilton, 2days in Wellington, NZ

  • Manifest                                         3 days at Melbourne, AU
  • Smash                                             1 day in Sydney, AU
  • SUPANOVA                   2days in Melbourne, 2days in Gold Coast, 2days in Sydney, 2days in Perth.
  • Wai-Con                                        2days in Perth, Western Australia, AU.

 Also check out our GALLERY, where you could enjoy our "SUPER MOMENTS" in some of these most popular cosplay events arround the world.





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